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 First Leveling Guide

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PostSubject: First Leveling Guide   Fri Apr 04, 2008 10:14 pm

Level 1-10: Adventure Plain’s, The Valley of Luxem Tower
Level 12-20: Canyon City of Zant
Level 20-24: Breezy Hills
Level 24-33: El Verloon Desert
Level 33-41: Anima Lake
Level 41-55: Mount Eruca
Level 55-60: Mount Eruca
Level 60-70: Mount Eruca
Level 70-83: Gorge of Silence
Level 83-95: Goblin Cave (B3)
Level 95-100: Mana Snowfields
Level 100–115: Arumic Valley
Level 115–122: Crystal Snowfields
Level 122–132: Freezing Plateau
Level 132–147: Luna Clanfield, Xita Refugee
Level 147–155: Shady Jungle
Level 155–160: Shady Jungle
Level 160–180+: Forest of Wandering
Level 180+: Forest of Wandering, Sikuku Underground Prison

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First Leveling Guide
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