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 These are our server rules....please obey them!

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PostSubject: These are our server rules....please obey them!   Mon Mar 31, 2008 11:16 pm

Hey Adina Rose players,

Here is the current list of rules for Adina Rose. You can see them by typing /rules in game.

Please follow the following rules to ensure you have a fun time on this server!
Rule 1: No hacking our server!
Rule 2: Do not abuse any bugs in the server!
Rule 3: Be respectful to all Admins, GMs, FMs, VIPs and players!
Rule 4: Do not beg for items or zulie!
Rule 5: Do not ask to be powered leveled!
Rule 6: Do not harass any Admins, GMs, FMs, VIPs or players!
Rule 7: No kill stealing any bonus characters....their not yours!
Rule 8: Do not make Bibble angry......she is not one to mess with!
Rule 9: HAVE FUN!!!

We would greatly appreciate it if you obey these ruler that way we can ensure that every player has the same chance of having a wonderful time on our server.

Thank you and have fun,


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These are our server rules....please obey them!
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